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SeeOn Search Engine

  • Saves time and increases its pace, thanks to high performance
  • Reduces the fixed cost of business activity, reducing amount of required work
  • Attract customers and recipients thanks to intuitive features contributing to the high quality of final reception
For whom
  • E-commerce representatives
  • System integrators
  • Companies managing large data and knowledge bases

Liferay Portal CMS

  • Reduces the time and costs of the portals building and update
  • Allows to flexibly adjust to the current needs
  • Provides the latest functionality by the full service intuition
  • Enhanced by improvements developed by eo Networks
For whom
  • Each company that needs a fully functional and attractive web portal,
  • the content of which can be steady updated and changed,
  • and want to do it using a personal and financial expenditures.

Mobile solutions

  • Saves the time and costs - diverse resources do not force to search subcontractors generating additional costs and decision-making cells 
  • Guarantee of profesional implementation and final high-quality
  • Full support at every stage and with all available resources
For whom
  • Entities wishing to create mobile applications and mobile versions of web services,
  • wishing to add mobile channel to the list of contact channels with the surroundings,
  • looking for help with projects already started.


  • Keeps current clients and attract new ones
  • Saves the time and work, reduces fixed costs
  • Automates workflow
For whom
  • All service providers offering tarrified services,
  • including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, TV,
  • distribution of electricty, freeway driving and others.